What has happened to these channels on terrestrial Freeview in Nelson this evening? Network status tells us all is ok but it's not. The 3 channels are off but Three is ok.

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All ok over here of the Mt Campbell transmitter. May be its the Kaka hill trans or its a problem with your aerials or cabling.

It must be Kaka transmitter that's what we point at. Channel Three, Four, Moari and Prime are fine.

Still no TVNZ1,2 or Duke from Kaka hill on UHF this morning. All other channels are fine so it can't be cabling or aerials or can it?

Yes it could be aerial or cables. Check tv1+1 and 2+2 they are also on the same mux. Ask your neighbors. So far I haven't heard of any other problems coming off Kaka hill.

Thank you for the reply, TV1+1 and 2+1 are off as well so it is that mux. The neighbours all have satellite/Sky. The other working channels, 3, Four, Maori and Prime are all crystal clear.

Ah ha, they are all back on now ( after being off since yesterday evening) without my doing anything like retuning. I wonder what it was but thank you Satellite Networks Motueka for taking an interest.

Yes, channel 34 (578 MHz) from Kaka Hill went off at about 5.33 pm yesterday.  The signal strength was okay but the signal quality was 0/10.  This suggests that the transmitter was working, but the modulating signal had ceased.  Everything on that channel vanished of course (TV1, 2, Duke and the +1 for those).  The modulation came back this morning.  Does anyone know how we can inform the transmission people about this type of problem so they can put it up on their status report and so we don't need to spend an hour investigating it? M

Yes, that's is a good idea. I know a few people that lost these channels all night and I couldn't find a place to notify issues to

One would think that transmission providers would have monitor alarms so they would know immediately if there was a transmission problem and they could fix it ASAP. I guess they don't and that we live now in an age where they just don't care any more.

In the future if we have a problem:

1) check that someone else nearby who uses Freeview has the same problem so you can be sure that it is the transmitter that is at fault and not your installation or equipment (or the weather)

2) if more than one person has the same problem then it is probable that the transmitter is faulty, so call 0800 Kordia and talk to their technical support.  They say that staff are there 24 hours a day!

Easy as...

Thanks everyone for the replies - I shall make a note of the number for next time it happens, which isn't too often.

The Network Status option on this website did say 'Normal' which had me puzzled.

It wasn't just Kaka Hill,

 up here in the Waikato 1 1+1 2 2+2 and Duke have just re-appeared on Terrestrial after having been missing for several days.
On my Satellite TV the MUX for those same channels has been showing around 7% sig strength and 0 - 4 % Sig Quality fluctuating for a long while now. I have replaced the LNC and cabling, connections, re-aligned the dish a;ll to no avail.
I'm just so glad for Internet TV - for quality of programming and service

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