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Freeview is a not-for-profit organisation set up by New Zealand's leading broadcasters (TVNZ, Mediaworks, Maori Television and Radio New Zealand) to promote the benefits of free-to-air digital TV.

Freeview is not a manufacturer or retailer of digital TV products and Freeview does not provide installation services.  Freeview does not make decisions about or own any channels or content.

We want you to enjoy all the benefits of Freeview and to help the Freeview Community florish into the great meeting place for all Freeview viewers that we all want it to be, so as well as Freeview Admins we also have Forum Moderators, who do not work for Freeview but are here to make sure the discussions run smoothly.

Your posts will appear automatically, but if we think you've crossed the line, the Moderators may modify or delete your entry.  A member who violates these guidelines may have their membership terminated. Once a membership has been terminated, the member is prohibited from registering again, so please take these rules seriously.

Finally (and this perhaps goes without saying), keep in mind that the opinions expressed by others on the forum are not endorsed by Freeview, nor are they in any way a representation of Freeview or views held by Freeview.

The Freeview community is for you

This is a community, it's for you as much as it is for others, so be open, be considerate and follow the rules.


Why? Your questions and your experience might just help someone else on their journey to watching digital TV with Freeview, your views and opinions will help others choose the right digital TV product. So go ahead - lend a hand, offer some advice in the form of words, images or videos, or ask a question that can help someone else down the line.

Remember to search the forum before you submit a post, an answer may already be out there.

And be specific by providing as much information as you can to help others understand your question - you get the best answers by asking the right questions & providing the right information.  See Forum Basics for useful tips on the type of information you should include when seeking help.


This community is a place for all Freeview homes in New Zealand, that's about half of all Kiwi homes (and growing).  Being part of this growing community means respecting one another, treating others as you yourself would like to be treated.

Be fair & keep it legal.

Please do not abuse or misuse the site, you're responsible and liable for your actions.  We do not tolerate:

  • Disrespectful, offensive or defamatory comments. We also have zero tolerance for those who harass, threaten, embarrass or interfere with another user in any undesirable way (this includes the misappropriation of user details or any type of personal information).
  • Pretending to be someone else or register simultaneously under different pseudonyms/user names.
  • Publishing content that is illegal or offensive.
  • Publishing materials that you don't have all rights & permissions to.
  • Spam or publishing of any advertising or promotional material.
  • Uploading of viruses, spyware or other harmful or malicious software or content.

...You know the drill but if you want the detailsm see here for full Terms of Service.

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Biggles replied to Alexander Ballingall's discussion Reception Questions
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Alexander Ballingall replied to Alexander Ballingall's discussion Reception Questions
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Biggles replied to Alexander Ballingall's discussion Reception Questions
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Reception Questions

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Biggles replied to Natalie Turner's discussion Channels 10 Prime and 12 Choice breaking up after a few minutes
"Check your antenna and cabling. Deteriorating signals are nearly always antenna/cabling related."
Natalie Turner posted a discussion

Channels 10 Prime and 12 Choice breaking up after a few minutes

I have a Samsung TV with built-in Freeview. It's been fine for five years but now Prime (10) and…See More
david adamson replied to david adamson's discussion Distorted image from Veon SAT101
"Hi Paul I was using the video and audio coax outputs to connect to the TV. Wondering if there was…"

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