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Status of Freeview New Zealand transmission and broadcasts are detailed below, as supplied by transmission providers and broadcasters.

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Transmission & Broadcasts



*9:15pm Sunday 17 February:  A technical fault on the transmission provider Kordia's network tonight caused an outage from 5:58pm to 6:20pm tonight to both satellite and UHF transmission south of Hawkes Bay.  Transmission has been restored and Kordia is investigating the cause as a matter of urgency. 

If you experience any issues with channels or any other TV reception issues, please check this page for tips on resolving those issues.

Freeview On Demand

The following issues are being investigated.

New Freeview On Demand:

TOSHIBA: Unable to load videos beyond the logo (Updated: 14/02/19)

The following Toshiba TV models are unable to load On Demand content: 55U9850AZ, 58U7880AZ, 65U9850AZ, 75U7880AZ

We are currently working for a resolution, in the meantime try the available fixes:

  • Power your TV off completely and then power up. Proceed to Freeview and play VOD.
  • If you play another Subscription service (e.g. YouTube, Netflix) you may lose the ability to play Freeview VOD again. If this happens re-power the TV as above and go straight to your desired Freeview VOD

Panasonic TV and PVR Issue (Since 21/11/2018)

Some Panasonic TVs / PVRs may experience the following issue:

  • Unable to load On Demand content- it stays on loading screen

This is currently being investigated by the development team (Updated: 11/02/2019)

Having to login each day (September 2018)

Rather than having to just sign in once to stream all On Demand content, on some devices users are having to sign in again after power-off. So far reports have been received from Dish TV and Panasonic users.

A fix is currently being tested by the development team for this problem. (Updated 25/10/18)

Samsung TVs (2017/2018) Smart Tile - Freeview On Demand App Issue (12/9/18)

Users experience the following: registration/ login and content failure

Try available fix:

  • Please log in using original email and password
  • If you created a NEW account on 12/9/18 this will not work, go back to using original email and password

We apologise for the inconvenience! We understand it is extremely irritating having to log in again. The Freeview team are currently working with the developers to make sure it will NOT happen again.

Mini Guide displays incorrect time on SONY X8500E Android TVs

After the TV has been powered on for an extended period of time, the Freeview Mini Guide displays correct programme title information but time displayed lags behind by a few hours.  SONY is currently investigating this and believes it to be isolated to their X8500E Android TVs. 

Black bar at the bottom of the screen on LG LF631v Smart TVs

The Freeview Mini Guide persists onscreen during broadcasts, appearing as a black bar without the intended TV schedule information.  To hide the mini guide and minimise disruptions, please press the BACK key (not EXIT! as pressing EXIT will kill the app and cause it to re-load again in the background, with the mini guide appearing again after the reload).  

  • Try Available Fix: A Factory Reset of the TV has corrected this issue for affected users.  Please see here for instructions on how to carry out a factory reset.  After the Factory Reset, please check that HbbTV is enabled to continue to access Freeview On Demand; see here for instructions on how to check and enable HbbTV.

Experiencing other On Demand playback issues? 

Freeview works with broadcasters and manufacturers to log and investigate issues affecting the Freeview ON DEMAND (FreeviewPlus) application.  As some issues occur intermittently, are specific to selected products or affect distinct videos or ads, it can take time to zone in on the cause and address the problem.

If you cannot stream an ON DEMAND video at all or all the way through, please note down the programme title, series (or season) and episode and report it here.  The details you provide may help in isolating the cause of the problem. Thanks!

Upcoming Works by Transmission Providers

No other works planned at this point in time.

Freeview Guide

TV Guide Apps:  NORMAL

Freeview On Demand Guide NORMAL

Freeview Standard Onscreen Guide (launched via the GUIDE / EPG button on all Freeview devices):  NORMAL

Still having reception or channel issues?

If there no outages reported by transmission providers or broadcasters above relating to your area, chances are you may have a fault with your antenna, cabling or device set up.  

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