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Status of Freeview New Zealand transmission and broadcasts are detailed below, as supplied by transmission providers and broadcasters.





March 06 - 07: HAMILTON ONLY: Kordia relocated the Hamilton DTT transmitters. The relocation may impact some Hamilton Freeviewers. Viewers elsewhere will not be affected. Kordia is working to increase the antenna height to improve the signal, timeframe to be confirmed. If you’re still experiencing no signal, then please consult an installer. (Last updated: 22 March)


NEW: March 21, 2022: A brand new channel line-up is here! Discovery NZ has launched 2 new free-to-air channels RUSH and EDEN. There has also been a shift in existing channels, take a quick look at where channels are going over here. More details about these channel changes can be found here

2021: From July 1, 2021 the following channel changes occurred:

  • TV29 (29) rebranded to Panda Channel 29.
  • APNA TV (36) went from Nationwide to Auckland only. If you're in Auckland and having issues viewing APNA TV, you will need to re-scan your device.  
  • PANDA TV (37) came off air.
  • KORDIA TV (200) rebranded to CH200.
  • TVSN (20) came off air on August 23. 
  • PANDA CHANNEL 29 (29) came off air on October 01. Best New Entertainment (BNE) other platforms include their Freeview channel TV28, their Facebook and YouTube page, as well as their radio stations: AM936 and FM99.4.

If you experience any issues with channels or any other TV reception issues, please check this page for tips on resolving those issues.


TV Guide Apps:  NORMAL

Freeview On Demand Guide:  NORMAL 

Freeview Standard Onscreen Guide (launched via the GUIDE / EPG button on all Freeview devices): ISSUE


Freeview On Demand set to end

The added free service from Freeview is set to end in late 2022. This doesn’t affect Live TV channels or other Freeview features. Please see here for more information.

Freeview On Demand (HbbTV platform): NORMAL

DISH TV playback issue resolved. Please see here for additional info.

Freeview On Demand (Smart TV app / IP-only app): NORMAL

Samsung Smart TV app playback issue, originally reported 30 April, has now been resolved through an update.  If content still does not load on your Samsung Smart TV app, please follow the troubleshooting steps here to update your TV.

Experiencing other On Demand playback issues? 

Freeview works with broadcasters and manufacturers to log and investigate issues affecting Freeview On Demand (FreeviewPlus).  As some issues occur intermittently, are specific to selected products or affect distinct videos or ads, it can take time to zone in on the cause and address the problem.

If you cannot stream a show at all or all the way through, please note down the programme title, series (or season) and episode and report it here.  The details you provide may help in isolating the cause of the problem. Thanks!


If there no outages reported by transmission providers or broadcasters above relating to your area, chances are you may have a fault with your antenna, cabling, or device set up.  

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