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Status of Freeview New Zealand transmission and broadcasts are detailed below, as supplied by transmission providers and broadcasters.





NORMAL with the following logged issues:

FVP-07:  TVNZ OnDemand playback issue on PANASONIC 2015 Recorder (DMR-PWT550).  Playback fails after the second ad-break on selected video content; and after pausing the video, rewinding or fast-forwarding the video incorrectly resumes playback from when it was paused earlier.  Logged 23/01/2017

FVP-06:  SAMSUNG TVs cannot load On Demand apps.  TV displays loading icon and is stuck on loading screen indefinitely.

Updated 23/01/2017

Samsung is currently a fix and will update us on its release.  This fault is currently affecting Samsung TVs running on firmware version 1160, released over the network on January 9th, and was subsequently halted / blocked by Samsung on January 13th following the discovery of this problem.

FVP-04: TVNZ OnDemand: Video crashing around ads.  

Logged 22/08/2016

App developers are currently investigating this issue where the application locks up (freezes with no error message).  This issue is most prevalent on SONY TVs (but affects other devices too, though to a lesser extent).

Workaround: please exit the app and reload it. 

Are you experiencing other On Demand playback issues? 

Freeview is working with broadcasters and manufacturers to log and investigate intermittent video playback issues.  Because these issues only occur on some devices and affect only some content streams, it takes time to zone in on the cause of the problem.  

If you cannot stream an On Demand video at all or all the way through, please note down the programme title, series number and episode(s) you're trying to watch and report it via this form on the Freeview website.  Thanks!

Fixed issues

  • FVP-03 SAMSUNG TVs unable to complete playback of TVNZ OD content. TVNZ OnDemand content plays partway through and then stops and kicks user out to live broadcast.  Resolved 21/12/2016
  • FVP-05: TVNZ OnDemand: Cannot resume playback after Fast Forwarding or Rewinding.  This issue is isolated to TVNZ OnDemand content playback, and is not affecting 3NOW or Maori Television On Demand.  Workaround: please use the player control keys on your remote control.  Logged 4/10/2016, resolved 21/12/2016


FreeviewPlus GuideNORMAL

Standard Guide (launched via the GUIDE / EPG button on all Freeview devices): NORMAL


Wednesday 25 January - for Wanganui viewers using UHF aerials

Please note that there will be a 3 hour outage between 1am and 5am in the morning so the transmission provider can investigate issues.


If there no outages reported by transmission providers or broadcasters above relating to your area, chances are you may have a fault with your antenna, cabling or device set up.  

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