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Tv1 on Demand and freeview pausing all the time

In the last week tv1 on demand app and freeview app pausing or freezing all the time on SHERLOCK! The musketeers, coronation street haven't…

Started by Maxine Strachan

5 7 hours ago
Reply by Maxine Strachan

Hi, I am in rolleston, tried many times starting freeview channel by Veon sat 101 box to connect to my Sony tv, but everytime this said no signal, 0 coverage, I have both UHF and skydish

Need help to start viewing my tv channela

Started by Parmod Kankarwal

4 yesterday
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Recorded programmes “buffering” on playback

Our Satellite Dish TV S8200 is really jittery on playback. Everything pauses for about a second then resumes. Can happen 20 times in a minu…

Started by Chris Taylor

1 on Monday
Reply by Chris Taylor

SmartVu streaming device

issues with smartvu streaming device. 1) the device gets insanely hot, and from time to time needs to be disconnected to reset/cool down..…

Started by Jason Monson

1 Feb 5
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Issues affecting Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs

There're some issues affecting the Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs, preventing the app and some shows from loading corr…

Started by Bel @ Freeview

26 Feb 5
Reply by Josh @ Freeview


Zinwell Support

I am still providing support for Zinwell products, where I can. The 0800 number and email have been discontinued but…

Started by Graham Wilson

1 Jan 25
Reply by David Lipscombe

Red vertical line on tv screen

Hi  i have a vertical red line on my tv screen what is the cause and how do I fix it? Bill

Started by William Petty

16 Jan 24
Reply by David Lipscombe

T2200 poor recording quality

Does anyone else have perfectly good quality on live tv but then when recording the quality is terrible pixellated, stuttered etc basically…

Started by Loren greig

2 Jan 15
Reply by Chris Taylor

Test help


Started by Eden Moss

10 Jan 14
Reply by Eden Moss

Recording problem

I have a new Dish TV A2 Recorder When I try to record the following comes up; Device storage is not detected to record this program Please…

Started by James Stewart McGregor

1 Jan 13
Reply by Josh @ Freeview


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