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Problems with Guide and Recording Schedule

My Panasonic PVR Freeview Guide tells me that TV3 is showing NCIS tonight (Thurs 21) at 11.05PM. But my recording schedule shows that the P…

Started by James Eaton

2 on Friday
Reply by James Eaton

recording double on tv1 and tv1+1

How do I avoid recording two copies of anything which also has a channel with a one hour delay?

Started by Elaine Mayo

1 Jan 16
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Channel 33 shows listings but no actual broadcast

Is there a technical issue with channel 33? It shows the program listings but no actual broadcast. I am in the Canterbury area.

Started by Russell Gray

2 Jan 13
Reply by Russell Gray

How do I get rid of Channel 610

Channel 610 does not appear in my guide or on my list of channels. Yet it is there. I can get to it by requesting 610 on the remote. It als…

Started by James Eaton

2 Jan 13
Reply by James Eaton

Dish A2, Stotage device not detected

Last night we had a couple of power flickers then everything fine but when TV came back on above message came up so we can't access our rec…

Started by Andrew

2 Jan 5
Reply by Andrew

Freeview On Demand repeated Login Request

I have a Dish A2 receiver and whenever I try and watch an On Demand program it requests a LOGIN. If I go through the tedious process of log…

Started by Dave Gould

1 Dec 25, 2020
Reply by Dave Gould

Some Tvnz channels Invalid service

Some tvnz channels are showing invalid service, quite a few people in Rotorua are having the same issue can some please help. This is only…

Started by Maraea Robertson

5 Dec 15, 2020
Reply by Maraea Robertson

Recording in SD

When recording an HD channel it takes up too much space on the usb flashdrive and doesnt record as  well as SD , so I always record on the…

Started by Sue Stapley

1 Dec 14, 2020
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

EPG ex UHF Dunedin

The EPG ex Mt Cargill is incorrect. It shows channels like Panda TV (only available in Auckland) but not Ch 39 the local channel.  Greg

Started by Greg Schroeder

8 Dec 11, 2020
Reply by Greg Schroeder

Panasonic TV and Freeview Box - self checks

Hi everyone, I have a Panasonic TV (TX model) and a Panasonic Freeview Box (DMR8 model). When watching a self recorded programme, OnDemand…

Started by Julie Aldred

1 Dec 10, 2020
Reply by Josh @ Freeview



ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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