Please help! I have a Sharp Aquos (1 year old) and despite running multiple channel searches/auto channel updates Prime is not appearing in my list of channels...however I have got Bravo +1 and Edge TV channels. Can anyone please help me?! Info that might be handy:

- I tried a manual search of the Prime MHz frequency however my TV can only accept a frequency that's formatted XXX.X (the Prime frequency is 5 digits, no decimal). But I'm sure Bravo +1 and Edge are on the same frequency as Prime, and I have those two channels...

- TV model: Sharp AQUOS, LC-46LE840X

- I live in an apartment with one aerial for the building. I'm pretty sure this is a digital aerial.

- Freeview is built into the TV

- I'm told Prime should be channel 10...I don't have a channel 10! (presumably because nothing has populated it)

Many thanks in advance!

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Prime is not on same MUX as Bravo, Edge etc. It's with Choice etc.

The frequency is not 5 digits.

You'll find frequencies here.

Tune the midpoint of the range shown. e.g. CH27 would be 522.0 For Auckland (Waiatarua) I think Prime is on CH27 Kordia.

Hi Biggles, thanks so much for your help. Unfort no luck. I found Ch27, however it was the Hope Channel (how ironic).

I found the 5 digit frequency here (right at the bottom of page):

It says: The new transponder frequency for PRIME, Bravo plus 1 and THE EDGE will be 12519 Mhz.

What have I missed?!

Many thanks again.

You presume right. Contact your building manager the problem is obviously local. ask your neighbours if they have the same issues. The frequency12519  you are trying to scan is for satellite. . prime is on 10.

That is the freq for Prime, Edge etc on Freeview Satellite, not UHF. Your TV is UHF. The table in the link shows the UHF frequencies for Freeview across NZ.

Hence the need to tune UHF CH27 (522.0) on your TV. If Prime isn't on that MUX then try the other Kordia MUX Ch37 (602.0mhz). It should be on one of those.

Tune your TV to CH27 (522.0mhz) then select CH10 on your remote.

CH 27 on your remote is a logical channel and not the real on-air channel your TV tunes.

Your TV will tune 4 or 5 real Channels with multiple streams on each. These multiple streams are then ordered into Logical channels which are selected by your remote. Most people easily confuse the real MUX channels with the many Logical (Virtual) channels.


I missed the bit in your post about being in an apartment. Contact your building manager for help. Quite often apartments will have one antenna/dish with multiple receivers and a distribution system so that what channel numbers you will receive in each apartment bear no relation to the actual transmitted channel numbers.

Satellite Networks Motueka said:

You presume right. Contact your building manager the problem is obviously local. ask your neighbours if they have the same issues. The frequency12519  you are trying to scan is for satellite. . prime is on 10.

Have a look here and you'll see where I've collated and listed the Channel Lineup on Auckland (Waiatarua) Freeview

Thanks so much for your further help on this Biggles, I'll give your above suggestions a go tonight! I did tune 522 last night but it came up with CH27 automatically and it didn't appear I could change that channel number...but I'll try 602 tonight.

We don't have a building manager but I will definitely ask the neighbours!

Prime is definitely on CH37 602mhz Waiatarua. Checked earlier today.

CH 37 (602Mhz) Maori, Parliament, Chinese TV, PRIME, TV33, Choice, TeReo, Shopping, Firstlight, RNZ Concert, Base FM.

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