Hi all,

I am in the Canterbury region north of Christchurch and have just moved house.

The house has both a UHF aerial (pointed south towards the transmitter on the Port Hills) and a satellite dish pointed north which the previous occupants had a MySky box hooked up to.

Hooking neither the UHF or the satellite dish aerial to my TV results in any reception.

I've a Panasonic TH-58EX780Z which comes with FreeviewHD built in.

Any suggestions?


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Your TV doesn't have a Sat Tuner so hooking up the Sat Dish won't work.

If you can't get reception on the UHF Antenna then there is probably an antenna/cabling problem. How far from the Transmitter? If the previous owner had a masthead amplifier it will need to be supplied with power via the co-ax. Can you upload a picture of the UHF Antenna so we can see if there is a masthead amp?

Ooops. Just checked the Manual and your TV does indeed have Sat Tuner. So if you can't get a picture with Sat Tuner then you may have the wrong LNB Freq selected. If you upload a picture of TV screen showing Sat Tuning paramaeters we can check if they are correct.

OK. Dump the VHF antenna and bypass the diplexer box. You probably need to get up on the roof and see if it contains an amp as well.

Is that UHF or Sat tuning in the picture? 21 - 69 would indicate UHF.

Here's my parameters for Sat Tuning with my Android TV Box


Here's the satellite settings:

OK. You have the wrong satellite in 2nd picture and probably wrong LNB freq.

Check my settings in my pictures.

Yours should be the same. Optus D1. LNB 10750. Not sure about your LNB type A either.What others do you have in that section. Maybe Std?

On Optus D1 satellite I set the LND freq to 10750 and that did the trick. I now have Freeview!

Thanks for your help Biggles.

Well done. Now if you can get the UHF tuner working you'll have HD as well.

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