DVB-T Prime Freeview Tuning on Sony KD49X8000D (can't find Prime)


We've just got a Sony KD49X8000D and completed an auto digital tune and it found all freeview channels except Prime.

I've set the scan range to Full and still no joy.

We have a standalone Freeview box which finds Prime no problem whatsoever, with decent signal.

Within Manual Digital Tuning, I entered the channel (36) and frequency (594) (taken from the channel/freq which the standalone box have Prime on) and still no joy with the TV, and have also tried manual tuning 35 and 34 (for we're in Tauranga, and pointing to Te Aroha).

Referring to this: http://freeviewforum.co.nz/tip/rf -- Prime in Tauranga is on K1 Mux apparently, which is 36 from Te Aroha...

I also can't find a way to manually set a frequency and just save it; the manual scan mode on the TV still tries to scan the frequency you give it and if it doesn't find a channel, there's nothing to save...

Any pointers, most appreciated!




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OK. Your tuning procedure is correct and you have the right Mux/Freq. Sounds to me like you are in a marginal signal area and there's enough signal strength for the TV to tune all MUX except the K1 MUX which may be a slightly weaker signal. What signal strength is indicated on the MUX you are receiving compared to K1? Have you tried tuning with the antenna connected solely to the TV and no other tuners? Missing channels like this on UHF is almost always an antenna/cabling problem.

Ha turns out the freeview box I was using to get Prime was DVT-S through my dish, and our aerial isn't set up quite right! Opps! Time to get on the roof.


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