Hi, I bought an LG LH570D TV and am not sure if I need an external satellite decoder box or not. I have rung the LG help line three times now and they have said each time my satellite dish will work plugged directly into it. But I see it doesn't have the right screw type aerial connection in the back. I pointed this out be they said it won't matter. I called the shop I bought the TV from and they said it doesn't have a decoder. The manual is hopeless as it says throughout "depending on model" but doesn't mention which models.

Does anyone have one of these TVs and if so they need an external satellite decoder?


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If it doesn't have two antenna sockets (one f type (screw on) and one push on type) then it doesn't have a satellite tuner.


If this is the one then it definitely is UHF only and is not even Full HD, only 1366x768 resolution.

The 43" and 49" are also UHF only but are Full HD.

If I were you I'd take it back and get either one that is Full HD (1920x1080) and has dual tuners (UHF and Satellite) or fork out some more money for a 4K UHD model.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes that is the one. I picked it specifically because we are off grid and it the lowest wattage TV I could find. Ill get a Dish TV box then. II see the small mini one is 12 volts DC so can use a 24-12 volt converter.


Wouldn't you be better with a uhf aerial ?

No extra power required :)

We have no terrestrial freeview where we are so have to go satellite.

I see the Dish TV Miini S7030 box uses 10 watts which is fine. The TV uses 34 watts.


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