I have a Sagem PVR brought from UK. It has a Multi region tuner including Spain, Denmark, Germany and a couple of others as well as UK.  Its a great little unit, but wont tune to NZ Freeview. Does anyone know whether NZ Freeview is the same as any other country?  Or whether I could get it adapted to NZ? Thanks

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NZ Freeview is different protocol so a UK unit won't work here.

As mentioned above its a multi country PVR, does NZ share its protocol with any other country?

No. Although most new TVs and PVRs made for Asian/Australasian market do work in Oz, NZ and a few other places loaded in their FW but probably not in UK. Transmission protocols are different as is channel spacing. It will only work if the installed firmware is suitable for NZ which I very much doubt and probably can't be updated with FW suitable for NZ. It may also need hardware changes too.

I'd suggest you google search for something like this


I got one of these to play with last year. Under NZ$100, has inbuilt Sat and UHF tuners and will work anywhere in the world. Records OK to SD card or USB HDD. Also runs many Smart Apps and is a Media Player as well. Plenty similar available on Ebay. Only con is it has single tuners for Sat and UHF.

Best advise is go through all the countries and test. There are other countries that use H.264 and 8Mhz spacing like we do. I just forget which ones.

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