I bought a new Panasonic TV with dual tuner and a satellite dish but TV says no signal, please help as I've spent hours trying to get this to work.



I already have a satellite dish with a freeview box in the house and have bought the new TV and dish for the sleepout which is situated away from the house.

I've installed the dish, pointing same direction as existing dish and by looks of things, I have everything correct as I got the satellite meter to squeal nicely as I adjusted the dish. The dish LNB is 11300. According to the map my azimuth should be 313 and elevation 42.Forgot to say, at first I couldn't get the satellite meter to light up when the cable was going into TV so I grabbed the freeview box from the house and used that to get the meter to light up. I since found an LNB setting in the TV and the LNB was off. I've changed it to ON but it's too dark now to go outside again and check if the meter lights up, I'm assuming with the LNB set to ON the meter should light up?

I have a feeling it's a setting in the TV that I have missed but I can't find anywhere else to check. I've attached a photo of the LNB setting screen.I've done the auto channel scan trying to get the Freeview channels but none are found, just get a no signal error.

Any suggestions on what to try would be much appreciated.



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You may have the new dish pointed at Optus D2 rather than Optus D1.

If the old dish has an 11300 LNB , here's what i suggest you do.

Make sure that the freeview box from the house is working properly then take it and connect to the new dish , move the dish in small increments till you get a picture.

Thanks for the replies.

Paul - Good idea, unluckily my freeview box is 10750.

Josh - I did have a look at the guides. I think I need to start again and go through them again in case I missed something. I get home too late in the evenings to have a go at realigning the dish so will have to wait for the weekend before I try again.

Will let you know how I get on.


I saw this and followed the link, did the first steps, and signal went up to 35%, just have to move the aerial a bit more

I've been able to go out and fiddle with the dish and one thing I had incorrect was I didn't have the pole at 45 degrees setting so the dish wasn't sitting on a vertical pole. I've changed that and then put the dish at 42 elevation. Can someone please look at the photo I took and confirm if it's correct for 42? I've lined the bottom of the metal by the nut with the 42 position.



It's impossible to tell from your photo without knowing the details of the dish and it's alignment procedure. Doesn't look right to me in the photo but should it align with the nut, the mark on the metal plate or the edge of the metal plate? It looks to me like it hasn't been assembled correctly.

P.S. Good site to find your aiming point here http://www.freeviewshop.co.nz/dish-angle-calculator-i-16.html Get your coordinates easily from Google Maps.

Thanks for all the advice but after trying everything I still couldn't get the dish to line up correctly so I gave up and called out a professional who lined up the dish quickly and easily using his digital meter.

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