I still cannot get Al Jazeera despite several retunes. Any idea how I can resolve this? I have an LG TV with Freeview inbuilt

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on manual digital scan look for ch 28 frequency 530 mhz presuming youre on freeview hd

if on freeview satellite no chance

Willis, that channel and frequency is Chinese TV, in Auckland anyway. Al Jazeera is also the only one missing on mine following the rescan. Haven't found any solutions yet

willis said:

on manual digital scan look for ch 28 frequency 530 mhz presuming youre on freeview hd

if on freeview satellite no chance

Hi Chris, willis is talking about "RF CHANNEL 28" (not to be mistaken with "TV Channel 28" which is as you correctly point out - Chinese TV).  RF CHANNEL = Radio Frequency Channel, basically a block of frequency used to transmit a group of channels.

When you do a manual scan, your TV should ask you to enter "channel" or "frequency" or something similar. At this step is when you need to enter the radio frequency for the TV or radio stations you're looking for.

Chris could you please tell me which transmission site your UHF aerial is pointed at and your location?  To do a manual scan, we need to work out the RF to enter for your region & transmission site (they vary throughout NZ).

Added RF Chart here - based on your location and which transmission site you're in, you should find the Radio Frequency number to plug into your TV for manual tuning.

As I live on Waiheke Island I have tried to retune a neighbours Zinwell ZMT-620 HD SET Top Box the retuning part went fine with all channels coming up on the programme/channel list , but when going back to normal Tv the only one that that I could not access was Al-jazzera ,I then did several times more and still have the same problem . Before they changed all the Mux's Al-jezzera was viewed with no problems at all . iALSO dID 2 Tv's with Built in Freeview and had no problems getting every single channel.

Hi David, please see NETWORK STATUS for this issue - the Al Jazeera not on Zinwell problem is logged and the network engineers and transmission providers are looking into it as far as I know.

This problem is isolated to Zinwell to my knowledge - not sure why yet.

Hi Bel, Thanks very much for your replies. Manual rescan doesn't seem to do anything. I'm in Newmarket, so I would assume the aerial's pointed at the Remuera one. Channels appearing in the guide but seemingly inaccessible (on Loranz DVB-T receiver) are Al Jazeera (16), TVSN (20), YesShop (21), and Apna (36). The latter three I don't care about. Funnily enough, these are also the channels that don't appear at all on the telly in the other room (TiVo) or the third TV (Sony Bravia, Freeview built in)

OK. Beware when scanning for Al Jazeera. My PC tuner picked it up on both the Mediaworks MUX CH33 and the Kordia MUX CH37 from Waiatarua. The mediaworks one had it in its correct LCN channel and it didn't display picture or sound. The Kordia MUX one gave had picture and sound but a weird LCN number. Make sure you don't have Al Jazeera in your list twice, one at CH 16 and the other in the 800+ somewhere. I had to delete the one at CH16 that didn't work and renumber the one that did work to CH16. The one on CH37 (Waiatarua) or CH36(rest of Auckland) is the correct one.



  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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