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USB playback of video files has broken-up audio 90% of the time (DishTV T1050)

Hi All, I copied a few known good AVI/MKV files to a USB drive (not high definition) and when playing them in the DishTV T1050 via HDMI the…

Started by Lance Edmonds

7 Nov 8, 2013
Reply by Paul

Terrestrial signal issues in the naki

Hi there having issues regarding channel 32, on a split aerial system affecting one tv only, db is 58 ber is 22, and inconsistent. Any thou…

Started by Robert Gedye

2 Nov 6, 2013
Reply by Steve J

No Signal

Hi there all Im hoping someone can help me, we are having trouble with getting our channels.  It keeps coming up No Signal.  Some days we a…

Started by Michelle Thompson

1 Nov 3, 2013
Reply by Biggles

Prime Lip-sync problem

Prime tv and choice seam to have Prime Lip-sync problem in south auckland mainly on samsung b series tv's. Sugar loaf transmitter had same…

Started by Electrowave

1 Nov 1, 2013
Reply by Bel @ Freeview

Group 1 Channels Satellite Reception Problem

Hi, wondering if anybody had any tips or ideas on the following problem.Had satellite freeview installed about 18 months ago and all workin…

Started by Brett

6 Oct 30, 2013
Reply by Paul

EPG missing

Hi, My freeview's EPG was disappeared since last few days. How can I restore this function? Thanks Chau 

Started by vu ngoc chau

3 Oct 30, 2013
Reply by Graham Wilson

Prime Jittery

Hi Hoping someone can help. I have a freeview box DTVS-1b the other day Prime started going jittery like someone pausing and unpausing it e…

Started by Andrew McTaggart

0 Oct 29, 2013

What is my PIN CODE/ PASSWORD? When it requests it?

Unless you have changed the code yourself then any receivers 4 digit code is 0000 If you still cannot bypass this then contact your manufac…

Started by Josh @ Freeview

0 Oct 28, 2013

Lip sync problem on Prime

A couple of weeks ago there was a sync problem on Prime terrestrial HD using a UHF antenna. Prime ultimately acknowledged in an email to Fr…

Started by Vince Manks

0 Oct 28, 2013

Where is the Wellington infill tower located?

My address 168 Tinakori road has no line of sight to Kaukau or Fitzherbert transmission towers. Freeview coverage indicated highly likely f…

Started by Vihara Vasanthathilake

5 Oct 28, 2013
Reply by Biggles



  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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