Has anyone RECENTLY bought a DishTV T2200 ? 

For some reason, whenever i hold the remote, my fingers seem to feel as if ive got them in a bag of flour.  The back of the remote doesnt seem as smooth / feel the same as other remotes. 

It feels as if its coated in a very fine powder. (& yes - everything else feels normal & i dont have flour on my remote or my hands)

its just an odd (but good odd) feeling.

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Seems to be common with a lot of new remotes. They wear smooth after a while. My old Harmony was the same when I got it as was my Sky remote when they upgraded me to the new box. My newer K1 Plus Android TV Box remote is the same. However the others (Sony TV, Amp and Panny Recorder)are smooth. Some are even glossy.

Hi Gordon, 

Interesting observation, I have held this remote too and I love the back of the remote  because of the surface. Feedback is always appreciated from Manufacturers, flick Dish TV an email :-) 

Kind Regards

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