I have re-tuned my Samsung Smart TV when Maori TV and Te Reo have moved (changed from SD to HD and to another channel). I receive Freeview via UHF arial.

I found the new channels (now in HD as TVNZ 1,2 and 3). The video is pixelated. Only when SD is broadcasted (Adds or older broadcast) the picture is OK.

I however don't have issues watching TVNZ 1,2 and 3.

What could be the cause of this? Can I change settings to make this better?

My Samsung UA32J5500ASXNZ 32 inch smart TV is two years old. Does this mean my TV can't handle "newer" HD Channels?



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Maori and Te Reo are now on a higher frequency. I would look at the aerial and associated cabling and connections.

We are in Christchurch and have just lost Maori TV as a result of the switch to HD. I've retuned the Samsung smart TV, reset it and still no joy. Signal strength is perfect.

Anyone have any idea what to try next?


make sure your aerial is horizontal. Try a manual scan on CH 38

Tried a manual scan, nothing there at all. I have to admit to not wanting to adjust the aerial. Have contacted Maori TV, seems I am one of many so wondering if there is a more fundamental problem with the broadcast.

Like I said before. I would be checking aerial and connections etc.

My Sony TV fails to get an acceptable stream for both channels even after a factory reset. The frame rate stops about once a second for several tenths of a second. Every other channel is fine as is my HTPC split off the same terrestrial antenna pointed at Mt Erin in HB.
I have got a pc with TV card running a TV server (TVHEADEND). The server has no issues with Maori and te reo. I only had to find out a new frequency that only broadcasts these twords channels. (Auckland 618 mhz).
And after two weeks of the channel change and the pixelating issues on maori an te reo, my samsung tv is now showing a perfect screen. The pixelating just stopped!
I wish my TV would fix itself, I’m out of ideas.
Both my Sony TVs are having issues with Maori tv now that it's HD. The older one from 2008 exbihits video that slows down every few seconds making it unwatchable, the newer one from 2014 has smooth platback but the video pixelates very often. What's up with Maori tv? All other HD channels play fine and we are line of sight to Mt Kaukau. I've contacted Sony and they don't seem to want to help and there are no firmware updates.
Same issue in Te Reo in HD too.
Yes, the uneven frame rate is what I’m seeing on my Sony KDL46-W4500 from about 2009 roughly.

Glad to see it’s not just me!

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