I have re-tuned my Samsung Smart TV when Maori TV and Te Reo have moved (changed from SD to HD and to another channel). I receive Freeview via UHF arial.

I found the new channels (now in HD as TVNZ 1,2 and 3). The video is pixelated. Only when SD is broadcasted (Adds or older broadcast) the picture is OK.

I however don't have issues watching TVNZ 1,2 and 3.

What could be the cause of this? Can I change settings to make this better?

My Samsung UA32J5500ASXNZ 32 inch smart TV is two years old. Does this mean my TV can't handle "newer" HD Channels?



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Exactly same issue here. Sony KDL32V-4000 exhibits frame-rate stutter ONLY on Maori TV & Te Reo. I'm in Milford with a UHF aerial pointed at PInehill. Is it just a Sony issue? With the pixelation issue on the newer model listed above, I suggest it's a compatibility problem between the upgraded HD transmission on these channels, and Sony hardware. 

In that regard, it is an issue that Maori TV & Te Reo need to look at as it affects old and new Sony TVs and therefore potentially a lot of users.

Obviously not enough data getting through for HD on the higher frequency. Id be checking aerial polarisation, cables, connectors or anything else inbetween..

This stock answer just doesn't seem acceptable to me. Speaking for myself and other users here, all other HD TV channels display perfectly fine - never had a problem, so if it was a connection issue, we'd experience this for other channels. I am an electronics technician and, yes, I have checked all connections, orientation. This issue is not confined to this forum and just a few users as I have seen the same comments on other forums (geekzone etc).

Stutter or pixellation with HD transmission is generally caused by interference (microwaves for ex), or weak signal. From what I can discover, the signal strength is indeed lower for Maori TV and combined with the higher frequency (610MHz), adequate coverage would indeed be lower.

  • MediaWorks (52 dBuV, 40 dB)
  • TVNZ (51 dBuV, 34 dB)
  • Kordia (49 dBuV, 28 dB)
  • World TV (51 dBuV, 26 dB)
  • Maori TV (42 dBuV, 20 dB)

(Wharite, Manawatu)

I will try with a reorientation to Sky tower (even though I don't have direct line of site, the transmitter is higher power than Pinehill). Failing that, I will try an amplifier to see if that helps.

Even though maori mux is 10db below the rest of them it is still above the minimum
Maybe they havent set up their encoding properly?

Hi Guys 

I will just double check with the team and have a quick look


My terrestrial antenna points directly at Mt Erin and I've confirmed that my PC tuners (Hauppauge and Leadtek on the same antenna as my Sony TV) work perfectly with Maori TV HD.  I've also checked electrical continuity with the connection at the antenna F-connector to the active element where corrosion could be a problem.

Problems arise with antenna connections, there is not a problem with the MTV Mux, usually from the receiver's end of corrosion, old equipment, alignment issues etc.. 

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