Ok long story ... I've an arielbox ultra T1050PVR, which picks up UHF with good clarity. But every now and again the pcture and sound kind of goes fuzzy for a second (perhaps 2 or 3 times in a hour). Well it's getting old so perhaps the decoder is getting a bit flakey, so I also have a Topfield TF6000PVR-ES which I thought I could put in place to identify if the problem is with the PVR. The previous owner of the Topfield swears it was working on UHF, but I can't find anything in the installation menu relating to UHF, the menu only allows me to select a satellite. Does this model do terrestrial, and if so, how is it configured to do this?

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Part 2 ... the house has an old sky satellite on the roof, but not used for many years. I repaired the coax that had been cut during EQ repairs, and plugged it into the Topfield. I found another post that says add a TP with frequency is 12519, character rate 22500, polarity Horizontal. There is no menu that allows a TP to be added, so I edited another satellite configuration ("other" I think), but search picked up zero channels. The condition of my satellite is unknown, but am I using the correct configuration?

My menu is similar to that shown in this post, but does not have SAT/TP Edit.


It's a Satellite Receiver and no way will it work on UHF.

Found a manual for it here


P.S. If it's any help here is a screen shot of my Android Box settings for Optus D1.

Hi Guys, 

I am looking at a article to publish on this forum to help with the difference of UHF and Satellite to provide a useful insight.


Thx B, satellite only was my conclusion too, but still scratching my head around how the confusion could have arisen. So I'll pursue the satellite option. The installation screens are pretty wierd, certainly quite different from yours. There is no Optus D2 in the satellite section list, and no way I've discovered to add an Optus D2. So I edited another and used your freq/rate/pol. settings, but no joy, it still finds no channels. Of course I've no idea if the satellite dish is aligned or working, so perhaps that's my next step, to get it checked out.

Well Optus D2 is of no use anyway as Freeview and Sky are on Optus D1


If the old Sky Dish has been unused for years then it's likely the LNB has died.

My Sky Dish has been in constant use for 8 yrs til a year ago when I dumped Sky. Then I got the Android Box and as you can see the signal is 56% and quality in the 40s so I guess my LNB is far from tip top condition. It still works OK though but the amount of rain fade was increasing drastically before we dumped Sky.

If you can get UHF OK then you'd be better of pursuing UHF. The picture quality is sooo much better.

P.S. Try setting your LNB 10750/10750 or 11300/1130. If no signal strength shows then that's pretty good sign the LNB is dead. There was no Optus D1 in my sat list either so I just added a new sat, called it Optus D1 and entered the appropriated settings.

Ah yes better picture quality on uhf, good point, I'd forgotten about that. Thanks for the advice

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