Recently I had a reception issue that was only resolved by powering down then restarting my dish LNB.  I had to retune afterwards but despite several attempts, including a complete tuner reset, I cannot tune in channels 9 and 10.  Channel 9 is of no concern but lack of Prime TV is a bother.  Suggestions for a fix please.  

I operate  a Veon SAT 101 receiver.  Location is Oamaru, North Otago.


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Simple. Replace the LNB.

Probs an old Sky one,

In the interim you could try shifting the LNB Frequency up or down by 5 - 10mhz in your setup menu. Might keep it going til you replace the LNB.

Satellite Networks Motueka said:

Simple. Replace the LNB.

Probs an old Sky one,

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