Pixelation Prime, AlJazeera, Maori, Choice and a few other chanels


Prime, AlJazeera, Maori, Choice and a few other chanels

Recently experiencing, about 2-3 weeks now, severe pixelation  on above channels. TV1, TV2, TV3 etc. are OK. Re-tuning does not help.

This does happen on Bravia TV, HD aerial, also Freeview-HD aerial  tuner. All operating normally without problems.

Location Masterton, Western area.

Any solutions welcome, provided that no equipment change or addition is required..

Jo Assink


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Check signal strength on the pixellating mux and compare with other mux. Sounds like reduced signal strength on just the one mux probably due to antenna/co-ax problems. What happens if you connect the antenna direct to the TV bypassing any splitter and/or other equipment. I presume you mean UHF aerial, not HD aerial? No such thing as an HD aerial.

You are so right, it is a UHF aerial. Now what is a mux ?


Mux is short for "multiplex" (think "mixer").  A multiplex delivers several TV programs on one frequency. TVNZ has their own mux, Mediaworks (TV3, FOUR, etc) have one and the other Freeview channels are on a third mux (including all the ones you mentioned above).  If your antenna's response is down a bit on the third mux then that would explain why you're having trouble with only those channels.

That would indicate an antenna system problem.  make sure your antenna is pointing at Popoiti.

Mux = multiplex which is the frequency the channels are carried on. Multiple digital channels are carried on each mux. Prime, AlJazeera, Maori, Choice and a few other chanels are on one mux, TV1,2 etc on another and TV3, 4 etc on another and so-on.

Check here for your location


Helpful info here too


I have been having the same problem, Jo, down here in Nelson. The Ch42 mux from Kaka Hill is always a problem with signal strength and quality. Ch42 is Prime, Al Jazeera, Maori which just seems weaker. The 2 other mux are very good. Unusual that we both have to same problem with the same mux.

Make sure your outdoor UHF antenna is oriented in horizontal polarisation for Kaka Hill.  That means the little rods on the antenna should be horizontal and not vertically oriented.  The other Freeview transmitter in Nelson (Mt. Campbell) is vertical.

And make sure it's pointed at Kaka Hill of course.  If you have line of sight to the transmitter you should be getting a good signal.

All three muxes are currently operating at the same (full) power, I just checked.  If you still have a problem then perhaps your antenna has a dip in its response on the 3rd mux frequency.

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