I live in Taupo, and receive my Freeview tv from Whakaroa. If I run a string from my residence to Whakaroa on Google Earth, and then turn it to vertical, I can see my signal from Whakaroa is slightly interrupted by a hill.  However, my reception is very good, as detailed below (apart from the reason I enter this discussion).

That which I now ask about is based on information I have gleaned from the internet over a period of 2 weeks.  Searching websites, reading between the lines and constantly scribbling notes.  Not everything I'm assuming may be correct, as there is clearly out-of-date info still up and masquerading as legitimate. 

I receive all programmes on Mediaworks mux DTV33 (570 MHz), TVNZ mux DTV35 (586 MHz) & JDA mux DTV37 (602 MHz).  All with no drop in quality, no interference and no pixelation.

I can't receive YesShop, Shine, Hope, RadioNZ National.  Looking at a chart on rsm.govt.nz it seems I am not receiving DTV29 (538 MHz), as I have managed to determine what programmes are on Mux 33, 35 & 37.

My questions are:

Do YesShop, Shine, Hope, RadioNZ National broadcast on DTV29? (I can receive RadioNZ Concert which is on DTV37).

What can be reasons if my reception for Mux 33, 35 & 37 is good, that I'm not receiving Mux 29.
  Or to put in in another way, if YesShop, Shine, Hope, RadioNZ National are on any of mux 33, 35, or 37 why am I not receiving them?

To add to my info, what programmes, if any, are on DTV 29?

Cheers ~ Glenno

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It's possible they are not broadcast in your area from that Tx site. Not all channels are broadcast from all sites. Some are Region particular.

RadioNZ is now a TV not Radio Channel and you should get it on Channel 50 and I think it's on one of the Mux you are getting OK.

It's always difficult to find out what channels are on which Mux. I don't know of any website that lists them. used to be available at Freeview Shop info page but they disappeared last year.

Mux 29 is the lowest in frequency so it's possible you antenna system may want tweaking. Maybe it's just below minimum strength compared to the others. Check you signal strength on the other Mux and if high enough and quality OK then try a manual tune on 29.

P.S. This site may help.


From what I can see there it looks like the ones you are missing are broadcast in the larger Metropolitan areas only. Freeview says Shine is on Ch25 terrestrial but the Wiki indicates only on satellite. All very confusing.

Thanks Biggles.  Yes, RNZ National going to tv is one of the reasons for my mission.  I'd like to watch John Campbell on Checkpoint.

By devious and cunning ways I've determined which programmes are on Mux 33, 35, & 37 and I am happy I'm receiving all those.

Ah, frequency and signal strength!  The fact that Mux 29 is the lowest frequency and therefore potentially below the strength threshold... outside of my expertise.  Thank you for helping in that respect.  Would there be any value in raising the antenna height?  A second and less popular option, is to change my antenna.  I've up loaded a pic of the current model on my roof


I checked with Shine TV a week or so ago, Biggles.  Amongst other info here is the reply from Michael:

"Our tech team passed your comments on to the transmission provider.  They had a close look and confirmed that Shine is broadcast as it should alongside all the other Freeview channels in the Taupo area."

Well that's an interesting antenna. Never seen one like that. It looks to be a UHF/High Band VHF combination antenna in which case changing to a UHF only could perhaps improve things. Raising it probably won't make much difference as it seems to be well clear of any possible obstructions or reflective surfaces.

One of these may be a lot better.


There seems to be quite a few of the Tri-Boom models in my area (North Shore) where there isn't quite line of site. Likewise a lot of Phased Arrays. I use a 47 el Yagi but I can see the Tx Tower.

However if your signal strength and quality are in the 80 -100 range there shouldn't be any problem getting the 4th Mux on current antenna. Anywhere down around 40+ I'd be looking for a new antenna (and co-ax).

Your TV or STB should have a manual Tuning method in the Menu where you can also see the signal strength and quality.

Glenn, you're absolutely correct, those channels should all be on Ch29 and you should be able to receive them.

Most often the problem lies in the hardware - aerial, coax cable or signal amplifiers.  Start by checking the simplest bits first (coax joiners and old amps in particular).  If you've any old VCR's or STB's that have an RF out, try unplugging them from your TV/setup - they may be using Ch27 and interfering with it.

Looking at your aerial, I've never seen one like it, do you know how old it is?  Could be the problem.

To be honest, digital tv can be finickety as, and there's a million of things that can make it drop off.

Muxes (going by my semi-dodgy data... I could be a wee bit wrong):

Ch26/27 - Depends on Local Providers (Nelson, Hawke's Bay, Auckland)

Ch 28/29 - RNZ National, Yes Shop, Shine, Hope (Al Jazerra, TVSN, APNA in the Cities)

Ch 30/31 - Igloo, not Freeview, who cares right?

Ch 32/33 - MediaWorks: TV3, FOUR (enjoy that while it lasts), 3+1, 4+1, The Edge

Ch 34/35 - TVNZ: One, TV2, Duke, 1+1, 2+1, Info Channel 500 (The good People of Oamaru who don't have UHF Freeview can watch 45 South on this Frequency instead... when I stop in Oamaru, I always stop at Rainbow Confectionary, they make the BEST CHOCOLATE FISH IN THE COUNTRY!  East yours fresh!).

Ch 36/37 - Maori TV, Prime, Choice, Te Reo, Concert FM, (Al Jazerra & WorldNet TV in the Regions, Base FM in the Cities, plus your local TV Channel where available)

Ch's 38/39 have been set aside for future use for Maori Broadcasting.

The remaining spectrum (enough for 4 more muxes) has not been allocated, and is unlikely to be released for the foreseeable future.

Monkey-out, got a hankering for some banana's.

that aerial is called a gizmo and made by lincrad in christchurch

tri booms only for horizontal polarity as the idea was 1 director chain each for direct,sky and ground waves

and all the director element are cut to ch 69 so a phased array is lots better

Wow, such a good forum!  Monkey, best summary of the mux/programmes info yet!  This information needs to be openly available and up to date.  Somewhere prominent on the freeviewnz.tv website seems a natural place for it to belong.  Thanks for the confirmation on Ch 29 programmes

willis:  Yes, a phased array seems worth a try.


scanning  multiplex k2 on ch 28/29 or 530/538mhz found

al jazeera


yes shop

hope ch

tv 29 chinese

apna indian

tv/rnz national

this is from kordia sites ,jda sites such as taupo may be different,shine could be there but parliament  may not

I had forgotten this page was available under the Resources tab above.


It lists what channels are available and where on each Mux. Not sure how up to date it is though.

The last update was August 2014 so I will make sure this is up to date

Biggles said:

I had forgotten this page was available under the Resources tab above.


It lists what channels are available and where on each Mux. Not sure how up to date it is though.

Thanks Josh. It's really handy info and seems to be the only source available with this info.

Josh said:

The last update was August 2014 so I will make sure this is up to date

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