Issues affecting Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs

There're some issues affecting the Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs, preventing the app and some shows from loading correctly.

The problem appears to be most prevalent on older Samsung TVs.

A hotfix is being developed by the platform development team to address this.

More updates to follow.

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A hotfix was deployed late Friday 8 November to resolve this issue.

If your TV continues to experience issues, please reboot it:

1. Power off the TV;

2. Unplug from wall socket & wait some time (e.g. 10 minutes) before plugging it back in;

3. Power the TV on, giving it enough time to connect to WIFI, before trying to open the Freeview On Demand app.


Freeview is aware that the changes deployed on Friday 8th to the Freeview On Demand app have not resolved the issues for everyone and some users with 2016 Samsung TVs are still getting a black screen when launching the app. Freeview continues to investigate the issue and is collaborating with Samsung to understand why the changes fixed the issue for some but not all.

How old ? Mine is only 18 months old?? 

My samsung is 2016 and still black screen on freeview app as I see we have been told about the 8th November up date again but the update doesn't work have tried many times

Just tried my freeview app and it's working now it has been updated the last update was 1.1.5 on 29th November 2018

I have now just got update 1.117 dated 31st October 2019 and guess what it's all good now


Can't wait to get home and check it out !!!! 

Hope it works for you the update came down automatically I never had to do anything it opened when I tried it have checked it 4 times and is still workin

2016 Samsungs not particulally old

No 2016 isint old especially when you pay good money for them.  My freeview on demand came right this afternoon.  1.117  update dated 31st October 2019 obviously updated today.

I reckon I have had a black screen since 31st october and there must of been something with that update and they must of fixed it as it's working beautifully now

John said:

2016 Samsungs not particulally old

Mine did not update :( Still black screen :(

I'm sorry that it didn't update mine worked great last nite have just checked it now and it is still working, you'll have to keep moaning to freeview, I would be pi____d of if mine still wasn't working

Rachel said:

Mine did not update :( Still black screen :(

Hey everyone,

The developers of the app rolled back changes yesterday afternoon to address this problem.  The fix automatically comes into effect (as it's on the web-based backend of the app) so you shouldn't need to do anything.

Please complete this fault report form here if you're still experiencing the "black screen" issue while trying to load Freeview On Demand.  The form captures key device details, such as the TV model number & internet connection type, useful in the troubleshooting process.

Otherwise, thanks for your patience and happy viewing!



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