I have been having issues with some of my channels freezing. TV1, 2 and Maori channels. Others are fine. Have turned tv off and done a couple of rescans but now improvement???

Can anyone help

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Hi Paul

From what you have provided it sounds like your UHF aerial is not aligned properly, an alignment issue occurs over time when weather adjusts the aerial slightly off and affects the picture and reception levels on some channels, 

Could you realign the aerial and tweak it while testing the channel quality and let us know how you along? 

Kind Regards

Hi Josh, thanks for the reply. Should of said we have a satalite dish not an aerial, if that makes any difference and why would it only affect some channels not all of them if the dish or alignment has moved. The signal strength and quality seem ok about 40-60%. Paul

Do you mean you have a satellite dish connected to your TV? That will only work if you have one of the latest model TVs that have a satellite tuner as well as UHF. And 40 - 60% is not great for satellite reception.

What model is your TV? Are you scanning UHF or Satellite? More info needed on your installation.

It sounds like you may have connected a satellite dish instead of a UHF antenna to a TV with a UHF tuner.

If you are indeed using a Satellite decoder connected to your TV then it sounds like you're LNB is failing.

Sorry no, not connected direct to TV.  Satellite connected to a DishTv 7090PVR Freeview recorder.  TV is a Toshiba Regza 42".

Is that any help???  Thanks for trying to help.



In that case I would definitely suspect your LNB needs replacing. Signal strength should be around 100%.I'd suggest getting an installer to check the system and replace the LNB if necessary. TV1 and2 disappearing is often the first sign of a failing LNB. You may be able to improve the signal temporarily by altering your LNB frequenct up or down by 5 or 10mhz in the setup menu.

Ok thank you very much for your help :-)

Sounds more like an alignment issue if its only happening on some channels,

Any problems ring me on 0272232423

The TVNZ channels are usually the first to go if your dish is out of skew

Thanks, had a tech come out yesterday, he realigned the dish. Thanks for all the help

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