We recently moved to an apartment in Auckland CBD. Freeview is available (Aerial). The apartment has a small TV when we moved in (17inch) and I have a slightly bigger TV which is a 40inch TV. I had no problems using my TV with Freeview on my previous house. But now, the reception gets so bad that the picture pixelates and audio goes out. 

The apartment has 2 ports available and I've used both with same results for the bigger TV. I then tested the smaller TV and there were no problems at all. I've used different coax cables (bought new ones) and I've re-tuned the bigger TV several times but the problem persists.

Does the size of the TV actually require more power from the antennae? Is there something that the building management can do to increase the antenna signal to my apartment unit?

Any advice is appreciated! 


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Hey Chuck, 

Great question! but the answer is nope. 


Different TVs have different sensitivities . I would get the building manager to sort the Aerials.

The amount of signal strength required depends on the sensitivity of the TV's Tuner, not the size of the TV.

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