is CHOICE a regular/usual Tv channel for freeview - north shore Auckland area.

Just experimenting with a new Freeview recorder/receiver ive got today, & apparently ive lost a channel (choice).

I had another device previously (not freeview)

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Yes Choice is a permanent Freeview channel on all forms of Freeview

David Lipscombe said:

Yes Choice is a permanent Freeview channel on all forms of Freeview

Hmm wonder why i cant get it.

It's on the same MUX as Prime, HGTV etc so if you can get them you should get Choice OK.

K1 MUX | Prime, Choice TV, HGTV, Parliament TV, Firstlight, CTV8, tvCENTRAL (Tauranga & Northern Bay of Plenty only), Dunedin Television 39 (Dunedin only), CTV (Canterbury only), Radio NZ National, Radio NZ Concert, BaseFM.

I dont get those channels any more (I did before - but not on my NEW freeview).

I only get 1, 2, 3, Bravo, Maori, the + (plus) channels, and Duke.  (& te reo i think, but couldnt read the name).

How do i add the other MUX ? 

Is there an online instruction manual for these systems - what you can do AFTER its installed ?

EDIT: Found the on-sceen guide. I guess my arial is not pointing in the RIGHT place. poor signal can reduce the number of channels

You should if you live in the Auckland area get 30 channels [27 TV + 3 Tadio channels] on I think 4 different mux's and if your new tv has a satellite connection 20 channels plus 4 Radio channels

How do i see which MUX / choose another MUX / add another MUX in the settings ? So far i havnt found it.. 

do i have to activate it ?

Autoscan should find all 5 mux s
Choice started in 2012

FURTHER: it may be that Noel leeming has provided me with the wrong type of receiver (tv3 is stop/start/stop/start etc though the sound is ok).

from my landlord:  I have a meter for checking satellite dishes so can check it but I just need some certainty about the receiver configuration in order to bring the right equipment.

Does anyone know what part of the information screen / setup screens can provide this information ? 

The landlord advised a month or so ago that i do NOT have a satelite dish.. but the website for this model suggests it is a dish receiver one. (i provided noel leeming the conversation i had with landlord - facebook posts)

Missing Channels or MUX is usually an antenna/cabling problem. Check your signal strength on the channels you are receiving. If you are missing some channels then you obviously have marginal signal strength. Also, check out the Resources pages on the pull down tab at the top of this page. Heaps of info there that you need to read.

I'm off to bed - BUT, i have found information that i acn search for channels on different  KHZ/MHZ frequencies..

The problem is ive spent the last hour trying to find WHICH frequency belongs to WHICH channel. 

(ive found 1 website with a list of over a dozen frequencies but does not tell us which channel belongs to each frequency.)

- i'll also check my arial etc tomorrow - may be set up incorrectly...

Which is why you should check the Resources Pages. The info you need is all there.



Gordon Stewart said:

The problem is ive spent the last hour trying to find WHICH frequency belongs to WHICH channel. 

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