Hi everyone

I have just moved to a new house and set up the Freeview receiver. When I go through the auto-select process in the left-hand pane it shows me the channels it is finding but when it is complete it says "No Signal."

Has anyone got any ides please?


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Hey Andrew,

Could be a number of things causing this - so we have all the details, please do the following & post back if you haven't resolved this yet:

1. Please go to www.freeviewnz.tv/coverage.aspx and do a coverage check with the full street address of your new house - what is the output?

2. What is the antenna you've got connected to your receiver? Is it a UHF aerial or a satellite dish?

3. What receiver are you using? Please state brand & model - thanks.

Thanks for getting back.

1 It says coverage is very likely with both aerial and satellite.

2 There are both antennae.  I've connected the TV to the aerial with a co-ax cable and we are receiving programmes. I'm not sure if it is Freeview or how to check. It's a newish TV - about 9 months old so probably has a Freeview receiver in it.

3 The receiver box connected to the satellite dish is a GEEOR (?) DS200.

Hi again Andrew,

Sorry I've let so much time lapse...it's been a busy few weeks.

Unfortunately the receiver you have is not Freeview-Approved, so there's no guarantee that it would/should work.

And I don't have any contact information for that particular brand which I can share with you - do you have any contact details for the distributor that you can refer your query to?

I would recommend:

1. Get a Freeview-Approved digital receiver;

2. Follow the instructions on the User Manual to tune in the device.

3. If you get the same error message, then you know it's to do with the aerial/connections - have a look at http://freeviewforum.co.nz/forum/topics/on-off-pixelation-across-al... for possible causes & contact an installer (installers do charge for their services but remember that once you get it set up correctly, you'll be able to enjoy free-viewing for years to come).



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