If you are a Freeview Satellite user then late last year you would've noticed a few updates to the channel listing, Music Channel C4 was taken down to accommodate the regional advertising of TV3. 

C4 is back on Freeview Officially however there are a few steps to get it added back into your receiver:

1. Go to your receivers Installation or Setup menu
2. Access your satellites TP menu (Your satellite is Optus D1)
3. Add a new TP (Transponder/Carrier) by entering the following details: 

Frequency: 12644 
Symbol Rate: 22500
Pol: Horizontal (H)
Service: FTA 

4. Scan that carrier and see if C4 pops up on the scanned list. after that is done you may return and save the data and enjoy watching C4 back on Freeview Satellite. 

If you want to add Prime (click here) and/or Trackside (click here)

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