PRIME is changing its satellite signal so you may need to tune your Satellite Receiver.

Please see here for more info & instructions for Approved satellite receivers, if required.

To restore Prime on Unapproved receivers:

Generic Instructions for unapproved receiver brands not listed above:

Updated 20/11/2013 thanks to Paul.

1. First things first press Menu on the remote

2. Go to your receivers Installation or Setup menu

3. Depending on the type of receiver you may see a "Satellite Scan" or "Satellite Setup" Menu select either.

4. Access your satellites menu by either the edit or other on screen command  (Your satellite is Optus D1)

5. Add a new TP (Transponder/Carrier) by entering the following details:

  • Frequency: 12707
  • Symbol Rate: 22500
  • Pol: Horizontal (H)
  • Service: FTA

6. Scan that carrier and see if Prime pops up on the scanned list. after that is done you may return and save the data.

You will notice multiple versions of Prime after you complete a scan, these are all the same however are region specific and doesn't affect the content you will need to delete the two other Prime channels and move one into your allocated slot (Channel 10)

Requests to get Prime on other receivers will no longer be listed. You will need to contact the provider you got the unit from to get specific instructions.  

The above didn't work? Check out the Forum Discussion Group for PRIME here

Don't know if your receiver is approved or not? This Guide will help you

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