Hi All.
I have a Veon SAT101 receiver. I have noticed some picture distortions on-screen.
Specifically, circles near the edges become egg shaped (as in egg on its side with the apex pointed at the side of the screen). Circles in the centre are oval with the long axis vertically defined. The distortion is more evident when there are square shapes near the circles. There is also significant over scanning on the sides such that text near the edges is sometimes truncated.
The TV is ok as I have checked it with a test pattern, and I have not seen these distortions when playing from my DVD player.
All suggestions welcome.

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Hi David

I have the Veon 101 connected to a 42 inch Samsung (Plasma )via hdmi  and don't suffer this issue , have you tried connecting using component or composite..

What is the Signal Strength / Quality like ?

Mine are SS 72% SQ 98% as a baseline.

This may fix your problem.

Fuzzy or Blurry picture

The steps to correct this are as follows

    Switch the receiver off either using the power switch on the rear of the unit or at the wall
    Switch the receiver back on
    As soon as the receiver displays "load" press "up" "down" "up" in quick succession on the remote

The receiver will then perform an EPROM erase and restart

After the EPROM erase process has completed you will be prompted to select your region and press ok.

Once the scan process has completed you should have access to all channels again.

Hi Paul
I was using the video and audio coax outputs to connect to the TV. Wondering if there was an issue with the video circuit, I have changed to the HDMI connection and will monitor the situation overnight.

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