Is it my TV, my FreeView or two of the providers?

Last night (10 Oct 17) at around 8 to 9pm three different channels had total sound disasters.

There would be  little burst of sound then nothing for a second or two. This would repeat over and over and there was no chance of watching any of the channels

It affected TV1+1, TV2+1 and Duke. All other channels were perfectly fine.

I receive my content by aerial from the central Hamilton site and have experienced this before.

My TV is a Samsung Series 4+ PS43D450 and is around 6 years old.

I tried powering my TV down for a period, - no change - all these channels behaved the same

I tried doing a digital retune with the same outcome

I have attached a short example captured on my iphone

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Hi Bob, 

Thankyou for posting that video, I have had a look into it and it's definitely not normal. Checking this morning, is the distortion still the same or is the audio now coming through clear? 

If it's isolated to only the TVNZ Plus 1 channels and Duke then there might have been a little glitch from the transmitter or from TVNZ however could you pass through the area you are living in and the transmission tower you are receiving Freeview from (If in Auckland) 



Replied by email but

No, problem has gone today and all channels are perfect in every regard.

Fortunately the problem was not on a channel I had wanted to see.

In the past have seen many other problems too with freeview. The worst is  sound/vision synch.

I have seen it on some channels with 2 or more seconds of delay.

Love to know what was happening - was it my TV, the local Transmitter, the connection to the video supplier, or within the TVNZ location itself?

Bob J.

Look at your arial - 7 check the horizontal / vertical polarity of it. 

Landlord came round today, fixed the polarity & my signal strength has dramatically increased. A few days ago, i saw a web page with pictures / examples. But i cant find it now.

you can check polarity here -

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