Is this possible? Every morning without fail around 6.20 and 6.50am my TV reception goes crazy pixelated, for about 1 minute. At the same time, my energy saver bulbs in my kitchen pendant lights start making a weird buzzing sound. If I turn the lights off, TV reception is still no good. And after a minute everything is back to normal. I have a surge protector on my TV power, so that eliminates that.

Anyone have any ideas or have has similar issues?

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I'd be calling the local sparkie to come take a look.

Hi Jamie

Aaron is right, this is a job your local electrician to investigate and correct/alter anything in your supply.

Hi Jamie,

Do you have UHF Freeview or Satellite? and do you have one of the new "Smart Meters" for your power?

Cheers, Bill.

Hi Bill, using UHF Arial, brand new and professionally fitted. No, have not got a smart meter.

Could be hard to track the source but sounds suspiciously like some sort of electricity control function i.e. hot water ripple control, streetlight switching etc. Check with you energy supplier or lines company to see what they may be doing at that time. Could be a corresponding time in the early evening too.

Funny you say that actually, it does seem to happen around the same time in the evening, between 6-7pm, around the news time.

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