Had this problem a few years ago and it's happening again,  set DVR to record TV3 news, no other programs are set but the recorder skips the 6 O'clock start time and decides to record TV3 +1 an hour later. Last time it was an EPG issue. Am on UHF in Central Hawkes Bay with line of sight to Mt Erin. Any ideas, suggestions please.

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Hi John, 

Are you able to provide some details about the DVR you are using? Such as the make and model? 

Kind Regards

Yep sure, it's a Panasonic DMR -XW380.

I've got a Panasonic BWT720 and have had the same thing happen occasionally with various programs  set for series link. No conflicts and no apparent reason for it and it's cured by deleting and re-selecting the appropriate program for recording. It's presumably caused by a glitch in the EPG. Only happens 2 or 3 times a year. It's rather annoying though because the +1 channels are only SD and AAC Stereo sound.

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