My mum bought a second hand tv and all it did was pixelate so we took it back thinking was a fault with the tv. Worked perfect on chromecast but not freeview. Bought another tv and it’s doing exactly the same, but during the day it’s perfect. Only seems to happen at night on freeview channels. Works fine if casting live tv, but my mum (who is having the issue) doesn’t have unlimited internet so can’t keep casting as takes up too much of her usage. She’s tried both indoor aerial and outdoor aerial.
Any suggestions?

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What part of the country are you in? What aerial are you using? Don't bother with the indoor aerials they are useless.

In Christchurch
Using a coaxial cable that connects to the outdoor aerial and into the tv, have also tried an indoor aerial but both do the same thing.

Sounds like a reception issue , but if you can find a Freeview box (Terrestrial) and try that to see if that makes a difference , basically power up the terrestrial box, take the aerial connection out of the TV and plug it in to the freeview box and connect to the TV by an HDMI cable and go to that input on the Panasonic ie HDMI1 , then factory reset the freeview box and it will self tune , see if you have the same issue

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