Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me here, we are kiwi's moving back to Auckland NZ from OZ. We bought a 55" Samsung tv here. It has inbuilt freeview and wondering if that will pick up freeview when we land in nz.

Appreciate all your help.

Below are the details of the tv

Samsung 55" TV

Model Number /UA55JU6400WXXY

Model Code - UA55JU6400WXXY, VERSION NO. FH04


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Maybe. NZ has different Freeview Transmission Protocol and channel spacing to OZ. Provided it is a fairly recent model and the Initial Setup Menu allows you to select your location as Oz or NZ then it will work. Older models for Oz market only (no NZ selection in setup Menu) won't work in NZ. Only way to tell is do a Factory Reset then when setting up again see if it allows to to set location as NZ.

P.S. Check your model number. I can't find anything with google to match the numbers you gave (UAFFJU6400W).

Found this one on Samsung though.


If that's it then it should work OK.

Hi Biggles.

Thanks for your reply, i have ameded the model details on the post and this is the link to the tv, are you able to see if this model freeview would work?

Thanks for all your help.



Found the manual online. You should be able to check what countries are available in the setup menu.


Setting the country (area)
(MENU/123) MENU Broadcasting Channel Settings Country (Area)
You can select your country so that the TV can correctly auto-tune the broadcasting channels.
1. Enter your PIN number.
2. Change your area. To change the country for digital channels, select Digital Channel. To change
the country of analogue channels, select Analogue Channel.
"" This function is not available in all geographical areas.
"" The list of countries (areas) displayed on the TV's screen may differ with the geographical area

awesome, i will make sure i try that when we get it over to nz biggles, gives hope for sure.

Thanks so much for your help .

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