I'm a 2 kms line-of-sight to the skytower and get a great pic from my uhf aerial via the cable directly into my magic box. If I plug the aerial cable directly into my smart tv I also get a great picture. I tried a splitter (ANTSIG 2-way powerpass) to get the signal into both the box and the tv but get no signal on both. I understand that a powerpass splitter can act as a passive splitter as I don't have or need a masthead amp being so close. Either my splitter is faulty or should I get a distribution amplifier?

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I would say your splitter is faulty. Antenna cable to the IN socket and two cables from OUT to TV and Box and you should have perfect picture on both. I'm using an almost identical splitter from antenna cable  to 2 rooms with no problems. If your Magic box has UHF in and out sockets you don't need a splitter. Just antenna to the box and rf In cable from rf Out to the TV. I do this with my Panasonic Recorder.

I went and got a new 'better' splitter from Jaycar and tried that - again no joy at all. I then tried joining the aerial cable directly through my 2nd coax cable to the box uhf-in and again got no signal. Tried the same setup direct to tv with two cables joined - same result. Swapped the coax cable for another one and same results. What were the chances I had two brand new ANTSIG 1.5m coax cables that were faulty? I even tried three other joiners. So, in the end I went back to my old plain Dicksmith splitter with the female and male connections, chopped up some old aerial cable and VERY carefully added the various ends needed (female/male). Now both the box and the tv work beautifully! Yes Biggles, I did try going in-out of the box but for some reason the tv would only tune into TV1, TV2 and the plus-1 channels (no TV3, Prime or Maori etc). I still can't figure out what the heck was going on but at least now I get good solid pictures with no digital breakups.

That would indicate then that there is something wrong in your antenna/cabling system reducing your signal to fringe levels and then below useable when the splitter is inserted (except the DSE one). What signal strength and quality are you getting when you check in the tuning menu?

The problems have returned via the splitter setup with sometimes a 'no signal' on the box. I have checked the signal strengths on both the box and the TV via the box (uhf in/out) and also directly to the TV: MAGIC BOX TV1 = 65/100 (quality/level), TV3 = 60/99. TV via the box (UHF out) TV1 = 0/54, TV3 = 0/0. Lastly TV direct aerial input, TV1 = 100/35 and TV3 = 98/30. My UHF aerial is in vertical alignment to the Skytower 2kms away.

Sounds like you may also have some localised interference upsetting reception as well as possible cabling faults. Are all your cables top quality RG6 with f connectors?

From the aerial into box is a white Comscope RG6 SAT660BV 3GHZ SKY Approved cable with a F connection/adaptor. Then F connection/adaptor out RG6 cable into TV with F connection/adaptor in.

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