Hello All,

I have 3 Samsung TVs in my house, one of which is a year old 9000 model. The others are 5000 and 6000 models.

None of them seem to be able to tune into the  RN channel 50 which is the radio station broadcasting video.  In fact it doesn't appear that the digital tuners are able to tune to any radio channels.

Yes I've updated the software, spent an hour on the phone to a help desk in a far away foreign country (and that was a complete and utter waste of my time).  Naturally I have also re-scanned the channels several times.  

I am receiving my Freeview signal via terrestrial from Cave Hill, South Canterbury.  None of my TVs are Freeview Plus capable (maybe this is the problem).

If there are any forum users that own Samsung TVs, they may be able to assist with the above issue.

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Hi Alister

It's odd that you are having issues retuning tuning in Radio NZ National which is now a TV channel not a Radio channel.

Have you tried Factory Resetting the TV then retuning to see if you see a picture on Channel 50. Ensure the TV is in TV Mode not radio mode.


There shouldn't be any problem. I just checked on my Panasonic Recorder. I selected Ch 50 and Radio NZ popped up on screen. I have done no retuning whatsoever so the change was obviously automatic. Only difference is it is now on the TV lineup and not the Radio lineup of channels. Previously I had to select Radio with the TV/Radio button on the remote to find RNZ Digital. Don't forget your remote has a TV/Radio button to toggle between TV channels and Radio channels.

seen several tv s today all have had rnz national removed but not replaced by the new channel

scanning in uhf frq 28/29 solves this

most tv s now have radio and tv in 1 list rather than seperate

Thank you to those of you who have responded so far.  None of my Samsungs are able to tune to any radio channels.  If anyone has the opportunity to see for yourselves, perhaps on a friends Samsung set or in a retailer showroom and explore for me how the radio channels can be accessed I would be most interested.

Hi Alister,

Cave Hill is a JDA site, which doesn't transmit either RNZ National or Concert.

Not sure if you were getting the National earlier, or how, unless your Samsungs have Satellite receivers in them too?  Then you'd still get National, but no pictures with it.

Ah!  Thanks Monkey.  Sometimes its easy to forget that I live in the "regions" and we need to only accept what we are given and be grateful for it :).  

I assume JDA do transmit other radio stations on behalf of the Freeview platform however that is not obvious when scanning available channels on my Samsung TVs

Hah, if only...

Us 'Bumpkin' viewers have to be content with missing out on Parliament, the two Chinese channels, RNZ National, RNZ Concert, the Indian channel & Base FM.

But we do get WorldNet TV and Shine... hardly a trade-off though.

Would be nice if the Govt. would open the coffers by a crack so RNZ could transmit nationwide.

Otherwise you might have to get a 91-element aerial and point it at Sugarloaf (and cross your fingers!).

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