I recently moved house and gone from UHF to a satellite area. I have purchased a dish tv S8200 but and having trouble getting freeveiw. The satellite has a universal double LNB and I am getting some scramble sky channels listed but no FTA channels.

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Was the dish known to be working before you moved in? If not then it could be a failing LNB.

Have you set the LO to 10600 ?
you mean 10750 tone/22khz off
No I mean 10600

Why 10600? Std LNB are 10750 or 11300. Never seen a 10600 one.

John Baird said:

No I mean 10600

I was getting signal in the universal band, which I thought was a bit weird and getting scrambled sky.

I had a look at the dish next door and it is setup the same.

I jumped up last night to have a look at alignment and found it is a 10750 LO, and not in the universal range so alignment is out.

The cable out on the LNB was down at about the 6.30 Mark so I twisted it around to about the 8 o'clock Mark and now getting freeveiw. 

Why 10600? Std LNB are 10750 or 11300. Never seen a 10600 one.

He said he had a universal LNB Biggles and that is the frequency needed to make it work

Biggles said:

Why 10600? Std LNB are 10750 or 11300. Never seen a 10600 one.

John Baird said:

No I mean 10600
A Universal LNB usually receives the signal in both the Low and High Sat bands. They have two oscillator frequencies to allow access to the bands. More common ones are 950/10600 with the 22KHz tone switching between the two oscillators. These LNBs are common in the EU as they have satellites that transmit in the low and high sat bands. To get to the high sat band, where the Freeview signal is at the moment, a setting of LO=10600+22KHz ON is necessary.

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