I live 10minutes from Dunedin. I have just installed a uhf aerial. According to the online search I should be able to get signal. When I try to search for channels it will get half through the process and exit out of it. I cant seem to get any sign of a signal. I know the freeview receiver works fine. Is this being caused by my aerial not working or am I not getting any signal at all.

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Sounds like no signal. Try manually tuning to Ch 32, 34, 36 and see what strength/quality readings are showing on your TV.

When you click on them it will flick to the process page but will then exit back to the manual search page. The process bar will sometimes move but the strength or quality bars never change before it exits. It doies the same in auto search.

I don't quite understand. When I do a manual tune on my Sony TV or Panasonic Recorder the bars indicate 100% (I'm in a high signal area) and I have to then manually exit the menu. Are you saying the TV just exits the menu by itself? That shouldn't happen.

If the coverage indicator at Freeview indicates reception is likely you shouldn't have any problems unless your property is in a dead spot.


What model TV/STB?

Have you double checked all your antenna and co-ax connections?

P.S. I found the Taieri Valley has a lot of dead spots when I lived there.

It will jus exit out of any search that you do you do when the process bar gets half way across. the tv is LG and freeview receiver is Sommet. I think I am in a dead spot and it is doing it because it cant get any signal at all. I am in a valley.

OK so no Freeview TV, just a Freeview STB.

With the STB that may be normal if there's no signal. It probably gets to the end of the tuning range for NZ Freeview fequencies according to the it's firmware (but not necessarily total tuning range of the tuner), finds no signals and exits.

Try a manual tune as I suggested. Select one of the Channels as above and there should be some display of signal strength. If there's nothing then you may very well be in a dead area and need to go to satellite reception.

Would be worthwhile getting in a pro installer with all the right gear to investigate signal strength vs antenna location and see if UHF is possible or not.


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