I set my box satbox ultra s7090pvr to record tv1 and was watching prime channel 10 when the recording started on tv1 prime froze so I jogged up to prime channel 1021 and it was ok

what is the problem?


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Hi Bill

The next thing we could try is a firmware update, Have you had a look at upgrading your current firmware on the link I have posted a few days ago?

I spent an hour trying to download and upload the zip file still waiting !
Just had a message download didn't work

its only 31mb should download within a few minutes

It took an hour to download then another hour to upload then got the message it didn't work!

You must be doing something wrong. Took me only 1 min 30 sec to download.

What does the zip file actually do?
How does something in your computer fix your tv

You need to unzip the file before using it. You will then find a .pdf file telling you how to update. The .zip file I downloaded had  a .pdf instruction file and 2 usb image files (old and new).

what is your procedure?

generally download the relevant file, open with 7zip,winzip or similar to usually see a pdf file telling the procedure then put the database file onto a usb stick then into the satbox and go from there

Hi Bill 

Are you using Broadband to download these files?

Please follow these instructions to help you with the procedure

  1. Click here to download the software to your computer.
  2. open it up and follow the onscreen instructions in the installer, please ensure you save the destination file to your USB drive which will be used to plug into your unit.
  3. Remove power from the unit
  4. Insert the USB drive into the Unit
  5. Press and hold the INFO or OK button on the front of the unit
  6. Connect the power back in while doing this.
  7. Continue to hold the INFO or OK button until the front displays says USB (about 4 secs)
  8. After the front display says USB, release the INFO or OK Button, the unit will now update and should take a few mins, If the update takes less than 1 min then the unit has not been able to find the Firmware on your drive, please double check to see if the file is in the correct folder on your flash drive.

9. Remove USB flash drive once Update has finished and normal tv viewing has resumed.

10. After your unit starts back up give it about 5mins then power down for 10 secs and back on. Once it powers back on give it some time and see if this helps with the duplications of Prime.

Thanks everyone for your help over and out



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