been watching ovation tv for some time now but its been replaced with juce tv ?? any one know where it is now or has it stoped all together thanks for your help BUNDY

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I've never heard of Ovation TV and as far as I know it's never been on the Sky platform. Juice however has been on Sky Digital for many years. Used to be on UHF analogue til 2011.

sorry biggles ...comming off D2 freeview

Freeview is not on D2, it's on D1 along with Sky.

Juice is on Sky, not Freeview. Ovation I see is listed on D2.

should have my self clearer,,,free to air on D2 i no some of you guys have got D2 as well as D1 and others so hopeing some one could help

ovation is a sort of mtv meets concert programme arts,concerts and culture

ovation is a SBS channel formerly carried by sts or sydney teleport services mainly for foxtel or aussie pay tv

Foxtel and Austar dumped it back in 2012. It is still available online and on smart tv's. I think the satellite feed on D2 was just to guage interest.

Niche channels like that tend to struggle financially.

There is a teaser stream at their website, but even the ripped link stops after a minute


Hey Guys 

Just to confirm from Freeview's side:

Ovation is not part of the Freeview Lineup, and was not located on the same satellite as Freeview. 

I personally have access to Optus D2 in which is channel was on and there seems to be a signal but no access. I do remember them launching a few years ago. The last time I checked this was a month ago as far as I remember. 



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