Can log on to OnDemand and can select show and episodes I want to watch but when I click play I only get the Chanel logo.
Was working before update.
I’m on a smart Panasonic tv
Any suggestions please

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You'll find an interesting thread here about updates and Panasonic Recorders which probably affects their older TVs too.

Basically TVs and Recorders now just don't have enough computing power to handle the increases in requirements needed to keep up with increasing computing demands of watch on demand apps. Until the manufactures start delivering TVs and Recorders with a proper computer built in the problem will just get worse. That's why I use a HTPC and an Android TV Box. They have the computing power to cope. Easiest way to get on demand satisfactorily is just connect your PC or Laptop to the TV via HDMI and use the Braodcasters'on demand websites. Smart TVs are pretty much useless.

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