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I stay at Epuni Lowerhutt . I moved to this new house and found a satellite dish and i am not sure what dish is that . I thought of getting a freeview receiver to watch the free channels and bought one from trade me which is Strong Srt 4304 and followed the below link to set-up the channels


And i was successful on that and i am able to watch almost 14 channels . When i googled it before i did the configuration i found that free view satellite which i need to use is Optus D1 at 160.0°E and for some reason that did not worked at all for me it did not give me any channels when i scanned it and that is the reason i followed the above link and you can see from the link that it use satellite C_Thaicom2/ok.

Now the problem is I configured this 2 days back and for both the 2 days i am able to watch freeview channels in the night after 7:00 PM and in day it says no signal and i deleted all the channels in the mid day yesterday and went to factory setting and tried to add scanning both C_Thaicom2/ok and Optus D1 at 160.0°E nothing worked i did not get any channels from the scan .

I Switched of the TV and tried adding the satellite around 7:00 PM first i started with Optus D1 nothing worked and then i tried C_Thaicom2/ok i got all the channels back and now today sometime i see no signals for all the channels .

Precisely the issue is ... I am using C_Thaicom2/ok satellite and it is working after 7:00 PM and in the day it gives me no signal .

Can some one share your thoughts

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It's most likely the LNB on the dish is failing and needs replacing. It is probably drifting off frequency when it gets hot during the day. Try spraying it with water from a hose to cool it and see if the channels return.

Thanks for the reply . sorry may be a silly question where can i find the LNB in the dish and how to looks like ?? How easy and cost involved to replace it ??

Many Thanks

Many Thanks for the information and i will try spraying the water . 

Just q final question is it ok to use C_Thaicom2/ok satellite configured ???


Yes, as long as it works. It says so in your link.

"Don't worry if the screen here shows other names instead of Optus D1 on the Satellite list, as the receiver will use whatever signal it receives from your dish, it does not matter what name it shows here."

Great and thanks for the information .

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