I have a konka tv with freeview built in, and I hooked it you to the working uhf outside ariel using a splitter to share with the main - working tv, the main tv still works but my tv still says no signal

any ideas? thanks

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Does it work OK without the splitter (direct to antenna) or on the other output of the splitter?

hadn't even thought to try that I will when I get home, thanks.

if it does that still wouldn't fix the problem as I cant not have the other tv working

Afternoon Lorayne

The splitter you have might have a "one port power pass". Port simply means one of the outputs from the splitter will need to be continuously powered on from the TV or the receiver in order for the rest of the equipment to work.

So it might look like the main TV is connected into the port where it holds the Power Pass, if you switch off the  TV in the main room then the TV in your bedroom may not work.

Try swapping the cables around in the splitter (Except the one from your aerial) and see if this changes.



thanks Joshua

i will try that

No but it will show if it's the splitter or the TV that is faulty.

Not if there's no masthead amp though. Power pass not needed on a UHF antenna with no amp.

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