the sound has gone after the last update.

how do I fix this?

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Some more info would help

Yeah, my crystal ball is blank too.

TV? STB? PVR? Satellite? Terrestrial? Brand & model? What update?

And finally, check the Mute button.

Hi Ivan,

If you've got a DishTV 1050 receiver, then yes that's right; Since the latest update the receivers have no sound outputting through the HDMI cable. - We've had three instances of it. Other types of output (A/V, etc.) seem to be unaffected.

Phone DishTV on 07-929-4123 and they will lead you through the changes that need to be made through the "Menu" button, or go to their website Apparently they have put the instructions on there.

Cheers,  Bill.  

Thanks W Bill, shame you didn't post earlier ;-) had one this morn , cust had been away & came back to no sound. HDMI was on compression instead of auto. Cheers


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