Issues affecting Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs

There're some issues affecting the Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs, preventing the app and some shows from loading correctly.

The problem appears to be most prevalent on older Samsung TVs.

A hotfix is being developed by the platform development team to address this.

More updates to follow.

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So you direct me back here after I’ve requested help yet again. I’ve been waiting for this to fixed since August. Sick of being ignored and directed to a site where you get forgotten and get absolutely no information what so ever. How about working with your customers instead of continually fobbing them off and hoping they will go away
Hi Therese,

Could you check for an update in the settings of your TV, if there is no update, please try the hotfix steps again from Bel @ Freeview


i am just discovering my samsung won't turn on after not using it since last October. Having read the above post (i realise it is old now!) this morning, wondering if there is something i could try. have disconnected everything and tried to start again but to no avail. Any help appreciated.

This is very unusual, have you switched off the power supply, wait 20 minutes and turn it on again? 


thanks, i have tried everything and of course in our lockdown, its when i have time to watch tv. just can't believe that the tv is not working. when i read the thread on the changes with freeview and the affect on old samsungs i thought perhaps i had a chance. back to the laptop for me i guess.! cheers

Hi Hiliary 

I suggest give Samsung a chat / call using the services on their page: 

They may be able to assist with this as this will have nothing to do with Freeview. 


thanks Josh. I have already exhausted the bot at Samsung! your help has been appreciated. will definitely let you know when i figure this conundrum out. cheers hilary

No worries Hilary,

Take care, stay safe


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