Issues affecting Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs

There're some issues affecting the Freeview On Demand smart TV app on some Samsung TVs, preventing the app and some shows from loading correctly.

The problem appears to be most prevalent on older Samsung TVs.

A hotfix is being developed by the platform development team to address this.

More updates to follow.

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Hi Rachel, sorry the app is still not working on your TV!  It should be back to normal.  Could you please fill in this form with your setup details so we can escalate this for you?



Rachel said:

Mine did not update :( Still black screen :(

we just bought a Philips 4k smart tv and cannot get app for TVNZ on demand or get it to download through the network browser either. Anyone found an answer to this?

Thanks Bel ,but mine is still not working filled in 2 forms and yesterday you told me you have fixed it !

Samsung support fixed it! Woo hoo !!
Mines still broken too. Been a few weeks. I might try contacting samsung support

Good to hear it's fixed Rachel.  Sorry the fix that had been rolled out last week didn't work for you and a few others - it did fix the problem for most viewers, so based on that we suspected that it could be specific to your setup.  Because Freeview is a platform provider (and not a TV manufacturer), there's not much Freeview can do if the problem isn't fixed with the app update - it was one for the device experts at Samsung and I'm glad they managed to sort it for you :)

Rachel said:

Samsung support fixed it! Woo hoo !!
Freeview App Samsung 2016 TV - tries to load and then blank screen !
Freeview App Samsung 2016 TV - tries to load and then blank screen !This has been an issue since 31/10 .It will only work if you reset your smart hub on your tv - login again to FreeView! If you leave the app or turn the off the tv, you will have to reset the smart hub again and login in again to freeview-…Everytime!!!!
Samsung say it is an issue with Freeview.
Have contacted Samsung support 3 times ! Freeview - what’s going on!

This still does not work on my Samsung KS8000 4k 2016 TV.

Reset AND factory reset got the App working one time after reset.

Turned off TV and on again and App has black screen.

Reset smart hub again - same thing - App starts up once - i can even login and watch something.

When i turn off TV same issue again.

Called again Samsung support - they say its a Freeview problem.

It looks like that after a reset it runs once but receives a different version automatically.

What is the status on this issue with freeview?

Thank you.

I am back on - no more black screen - i did notthing. Randomly, checked and it worked.

I did lodge a technical issue with Samsung and they said if it is not working by Monday - please let them know:)

Happy Days :)

The 'on demand' feature of the freeview live app also has the same issue on my samsung tv - constant "loading..." message. Very frustrating 

Still just the logo loading screen here.
Will this ever be fixed. I haven’t been able to use the Freeview app at all. Have had the tv for at least 6 months

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