Intermittant Glitchy and Freezing Picture and sound ====> With Pics!

Hi Team,

Have problem .....

TV - Sony flatscreen 6yo. Not FV Dumb TV

Decoder - MyFreeview HD Recorder - Areial Box T2200

Intermittantly, picture and sound will freeze and glitch and sometimes come up with no signal. Happens on and off making TV unwatchable.

Happens in evening for about half hour or so. Across all channels.

Then one night whilst recording 2 different channels .......

Tuner 1 - Signal and Quality strength intermittent dropping out as "normal" TV3 2 etc

Tuner 2 - recording channels is perfectly fine. Which happened to be Prime Choice.

As per pics attached of the info screen.

Is this a box, reception or TV issue????? It's drving me crazy.

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Judging from the pictures you have an antenna/co-ax problem. Your signal strength is only 52% which is marginal for good reception anyway so it's no wonder signals are dropping out. One tuner is probably just slightly more sensitive than the other so doesn't drop out as often. It's not uncommon for signal strength of one Mux to be slightly better than others with weak signals (52%) due to difference in frequency.

What antenna are you using?

Got a picture of antenna?

Thanks Biggles.

I'm at work this weekend, but will show a pic on Monday.

From memory I had to move it because of a tree in the way. But if sound like a reception issue, will look into a signal strength thingy or get a bloke in to do so.


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