Does anyone know why G-Codes are no longer displayed in the T.V. guides in newspapers etc.?

They seem to have been dropped without any announcement being made.

I am now having to programme my recorder manually to copy T.V. programmes (which is a bit of a pain).

Does anyone know why G-Codes are no longer published?





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Hi Paul,

If my memory serves me right, "G Codes" were a bit of a "nine-day-wonder", on some models of VCR - mainly Mitsubishi?, about eight to ten years ago?

Cheers, Bill.

Hi Bill,

Thank you for that but I bought a Panasonic Hard Drive recorder 4 years ago and that has G-Code.

From memory they were still being published earlier this year and then suddenly disappeared without any announcement being made.



I guess they probably disappeared when or shortly after Analogue TV ceased operating. They are no longer of any use now that TV is digital only. Digital recorders use the EPG instead. It was an analogue thing for VCRs. I presume your Panasonic is one of the older analogue models as I've never seen it on any of my Digital models I've had? Freeview doesn't broadcast g-code so all the old analogue equipment has to use a STB to record digital TV and be programmed manually.

Info available here


basically it's old and outdated and of no use now we have on-screen display of info.

Hi Biggles,

Ah, that would explain it.  My Panasonic HD is an analogue unit and requires a Freeview unit to work.

I don't know what EPG is but I do know that we now get a digital T.V. signal and need a Freeview box (or inbuilt tuner) in order to get a signal.

Thank you for that, Biggles.  Much appreciated.  You have solved the mystery for me.   :-)



Hi Paul

Presumably you have a Freeview STB so you can see the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) by using the Guide button on it's remote.

It does



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