Hi there, we have a new Samsung TV and the Freeview on demand does not work. It just stops on the loading page. TV is model UA50RU7400SXNZ.

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Therese

I’ve passed this onto our development team Who will test from the lab, have you tried fully powering off and unplugging your TV sand reconnecting to see if it works again?

I’ve just tried that, no luck unfortunately.
Is there any fix for this? We still can’t get Freeview to work

Hi there,

Try looking for HbbTV setting on the TV system menu, and disabling. Then try loading the pre-installed FreeView on Demand app.


Therese said:

Is there any fix for this? We still can’t get Freeview to work

This is happening for me too, with a 2018 Samsung "The Frame".

I disabled HbbTV: first time it broke internet connectivity entirely (though that could have been my router's fault), but at least I learned that the app is running, since the app displays a valid "can't connect to the internet" error when I launch it and there's no connectivity.

When I got the network back up and tried again, there was no change: the FreeView OnDemand app just sits there with a black screen. All my other apps are fine.

I'm using wired ethernet. I know it shouldn't make a difference, but I also know that assumptions can be dangerous...

Ive turned off HBBtv and the biggest issue now is each time I try to start the pre-loaded Freeview app, it does nought, second time it runs ok. heres a few new features though with this cool Samsung TV, FreeView on demand did not have "the war of the worlds" availible anywhere, however the TVNZ on demand app did. Now speaking of TVNZ app, it comes up with a cool and annoying spash screen to show you whats new. problem is getting rid of it, took me 10mins and Imstill not sure how I did it. When using the menu keys on remote it interacts with underlying app interface whilst leaving splash screen overlay-ed...really stupid arrrgh. Not sure i'll be racing for a Samsung TV again. My LG works perfectly. Im going to start talking to Samsung again as I believe they have some questions to answer.


No joy for me. The app is just a black hole of despair and nothingness.. time to return the device and see if it was a bad burn to the flash/prom/nvram/whatever it is that these things are stored on these days...

Ive been working with samsung support lastnight. Actually not bad. They can remote login and run diags/gather logs whilst observing the problem. Waiting outcome. I could replicate my.problem so theyve seen it first hand now. They did talk about some new updates in the pipeline for some issues, which werent elaborated on.

Cool. I've just been looking at the supported models page on freeview.nz (https://freeviewnz.tv/get-freeview/approved-products/?page=2&ca...) and I see that The Frame (range 03) doesn't fit into any of the model ranges officially supported by the app (ranges 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Q).

If they can remote log into your machine... I'm guessing you have UPnP enabled on your router. I hope they can't do that on my network! (Unless I explicitly allow them.)

Lol. Yeah its a dial back to samsung server which i have to activate, and then provide them a 8 digit code thats generated.
Tried Samsung support. I gave up as they never got back to me with a fix and put all the blame on freeview
Josh do you know if anything came of this...I still can’t use Freeview on demand

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