For the last week on-demand isn't updating with new episodes on my Panasonic TV. Anybody else having this annoying issue? ie: Manifest, Project Blue Book, Gotham and The Orville aren't showing this week's episodes.

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Hey Gary. Problem seemed to be sorted but noticed that the latest episode of Gotham from Friday night wasn't on Freeview on-demand yesterday but was on TVNZ on-demand. Interestingly The Orville's latest episode also from Friday night was on Freeview on-demand. Buggered if I know what the hell is going on. Today I can't even get Freeview on-demand to work, just hangs at the 'loading' page.

Hey Gary call the midwife is not on my freeview what so ever and love your garden it won't even load just keeps saying loading and have to exit freeview

They are both on my tvnz

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