Might be a good time for people to check their Series Links.

I just noticed today that the EPG changes on Monday seem to have played a bit of havoc with my Panasonic Series Linking. Some links unaffected, one went to the +1 channel and two just disappeared. Reprogramming the links has fixed it. I forgot to check them on Monday.

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Hey Biggles

We had a little word to Panasonic earlier today and this is what they have said:

Please note, the recorder may defer to the plus one channels if there is an issue with the signal reception at the time of the recording or if there is a booking conflict. The recorder does this because it knows another instance of the program exists.

Regarding “disappearing”, I receive this enquiry regularly, most commonly programs like Emmerdale and Coronation street. In most cases this occurs because the particular series has finished and a new series has begun. If the customer checks the Prog/Check (there is a button on the remote for direct access) list they will see the booking still exists but it will have no date/time info beside it, because that series is no longer on.

As you mention they should make a new Booking to resolve this.


Thanks Joshua. I figured that was what happened so didn't bother contacting them. It's jumped to the +1 channel twice for recording "Our First Home" though for no apparent reason. No booking conflicts as I always use Timer Record to avoid that. Just a heads up to people that it pays to check their Series Links regularly to avoid missed recordings. I usually check weekly.

I will be following your advise and do the same! I usually just let the recorder run its series links and sometimes it will not record. :-) 



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